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Such an adorable game, i went into it expecting a fun little drawing game and ended up exploring some pretty intense mental issues......while also playing a fun little drawing game. 



This game is amazingly beautiful, TAKE MY MONEY!!!

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I tried to move the game from my notebook to my pc but the save files were not transferred, where can I find them?

edit: found them in %appdata%\local\paintdog




Beautiful game! Visually it's amazing, the audio overall super special and unique. Impostor syndrome has not been explored a lot on modern media/art, and this game does it in such incredible ways!


Sad I can't play this. I don't have windows and I don't wanna buy a drm version :(


This game looks really cute and I would really want to play it once I have money


omg the  game is so beutiful!will they release at mobile? i wonder


This is gorgeous! Will you release on iPad? This would be amazing with the apple pencil :)


This game looks beautiful! Are you also planning for a mobile release?


Judging on how the game looks, I don't think it will. Mobile optimisation's really hard but maybe the dev will.


If you buy the game here, do you also get a Steam key or not? 


I bought it, but no steam key. Don't know if they plan on changing that though


I see, thank you. :) 


Beautiful game, just starting it but I love it so much <3


Looks awesome! Would love a Linux version.


Would love this as well!


Also wondering about the Mac release! Looks so good


Congrats on launch!


Looks amazing! I see that on the Steam version, Mac is supported too - any plans to bring the Mac version to itch?

Same !