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I don't understand this game. What do I do? How do I play? I understand the controld but what do the different names mean? I know that Air Pocket is for air, and Ion Mines are for power, but what is my end goal? What am I looking for? Did I miss a tutorial or something?

A very interesting and cool atmospheric game. It gets really difficult and even frustrating at times, but reaching the end is satisfying

great game with a cool atmosphere 


Great atmosphere!

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excellent game

Really great stuff, excellent sound design.

What does priming do?

You know a game is good when one of its tags is asphyxiation.

Probably because it will take your breathe away.

what does "priming" do when the power is out? it looks like it can only push a couple of pixels per minute, and only in one direction, unless i'm understanding it wrong


oooooo i dunno if i want to do spoilers but

it has to do with the battery

fantastic design and good world building. it doesn't need to over-explain itself.

I bought this game on steam T_T LOL. The idea and atmosphere is marvelous, but the lack of real physics is a drawback.


Just started playing this last night with my son. We connected up to our big screen TV, sound cranked up and the lights off...awesomely atmospheric game, totally love it, and I highly recommend it!

For even more atmosphere, we set our air conditioner to 16°C so we could feel the frigidity of isolation and danger!


i endorse this decision


Watched a Let's Play of this, the atmosphere is fantastic. Turn up the indie experience on your Duskers!


or go play Duskers because that shit is spectacular