Escape the destruction of your city with just one button!

Ported up to HTML5 by Cameron Taylor. Source available on Github (separate copyrighted assets repo here).

Canabalt® © Finji, LLC. 2009-2024 . All rights reserved. Canabalt®, Finji® and regal weasel and crown logo are trademarks of Finji, LLC.  "Run!" and "Daring Escape" © Danny Baranowsky. 2009-2024.

Published 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(87 total ratings)
Made withOpenFL
Tags2D, Black and White, Endless, Endless Runner, infinite-runner, one-button, Pixel Art, Runner


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Feels great to play and is great to look at. The player character stands out effortlessly and has really charming animations. 

I remember I got this game way back in the first or 2nd humble bundle haha. Great game!

love your game, also i realised that I can mod it by changing some textures in krita 😁

Overall a great ride through tumultuous difficulty. Many unique obstacles makes this game dope.

Gracias Canabalt por llenarme las horas muertas en clase de informatico cuando iba a clase.

No está nada mal. Me gusta ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ Lo voy a guardar.


god damn cool man, keep it

So fun! Love it :)


It is hard to understate how important this game is to how I think about games. Thank you for the port!


Wonderful artstyle!!


jaja It's really funny, I still don't understand how to break through the glasses 😅🤷

This is so cool damn. This reminds me of gravity guy.


Ah, windows, my arch enemy returns.


Howly mowly, this game is pretty darn cool, I love the aesthetics, gameplay and the music is fab!!!!!

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Man, this takes me back! Me and my friends in college used to compete with each other and see who could get furthest in this game! Good times...


This is basically the chrome dinosaur game combined with Vector2


guess where the chrome dinosaur game and vector came from lol ( oh wait, that was the joke wasn't it <3 )


I use to play this for hours back in the flash days! Still addicting as I remember!!


The post production speed is too fast


fun but moves too fast


Going faster than fast since 2009

Yeah that was my attitude about 15 years ago as well haha


incredibly nostalgic


Oh hell yeah we're back


So satisfying to play...


tried to get the lowest score. got 101. good stuff!


I'm on android, the Playstore says that this game is made for a older version of Android.. :(((


oh it's been AGES since i thought of this game! i used to play it over and over and over again on the library computers growing up


Big props for posting the source code! 


Thanks for porting this! What a classic!


A true classic that inspired an entire genre. It's great to see it preserved here and playable on so many platforms. Thank you!


Very good game. 


Ahah, a blast from the past!


mad love. tumbling to your death 4 life.


Direct link to that banging soundtrack:


Seems to be a memory leak or something, mine slows down then freezes up after a couple of rounds :/


Just FYI both git links are 404'in


fixed! Didn't expect this to go live at midnight haha!


It’s so good to see this again :) I dared my class of students who were obsessed with the original flash game to break 10,000, and gave $10 to the first who did. Wonderful memories.


the game is entertaining 😮